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Is the offered hardware new and of standard value?



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Do we issue the invoices for offered hardware?

Yes. We sell hardware both to business customers (B2B) and individuals (B2C).


Which methods of payment are available?

We enable payment by cash or bank transfer (prepaid or deferred payment). The transfer with deferred payment date is possible also at first transaction, provided that the transaction value is between 250 and 9500 EUR and it gets approval of the insurer. Please contact us to establish the terms of payment.


In which currencies can payment be made?

You can pay in EUR, USD or PLN. Please choose the currency of transaction while puchrasing the order.


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Are the prices valid for all products?

The prices shown on our website are negotiable and dependent on a few details of order. Please contact us (by phone or by inquiry form) to confirm the prices of products you are interested in.


What does it mean that the product is available in the stock or we should ask the sales specialist about it?

Products marked as "available in the stock" are available at once and can be shipped to you on the same day as the order is purchased. The availability of products marked as "ask the sales specialist" depends on many factors - our professionals will immediately set the deadline of delivery after confirming a few order details.


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What are the delivery costs?

We ship the goods from Wroclaw (Poland) so the delivery cost depends on the weight, size and delivery point. We cooperate with big international delivery companies: UPS, TNT, DHL Express, Dachser, Fedex.



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What guarantee is valid for the offered products?

The guarantee is dependent on the conditions of particular vendor. In most cases it looks as follows: 1. The majority of servers and arrays has a 3 year onsite warranty service with Next Business Day response time. 2. Options standard warranty lasts one year, excluding the battery. If the options were bought with server or array (with longer guarantee period) they assume their warranty. You can extend the guarantee or sign an individual contract for post-warranty services for products withdrawn from official distribution channel.


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What is the delivery time?

We do our best to deliver the hardware in two-day time from the purchase order. Express orders - after confirming the shipping costs - are delivered on the next business day. Time of realization depends on a few factors e.g. the hour of purchase order and the method of payment. If urgent please contact us by phone - it will accelerate the order realization.


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Are there all offered products listed on our website?

No. We constantly enlarge our product portfolio and update our offer. We highly recommend asking about products you can't find on our website.


Do we offer hardware and options from older product lines?

Yes. In our offer you can find not only the latest products but also hardware, storage and options from product lines withdrawn from official distribution channel.



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Are there any special conditions provided for business partners and resellers?

Special prices or conditions depend on a few factors (e.g. order amount and transcation history). Please contact us to get all the information about the special offer prepared for you.



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What is the connection between MADU SC and 112IT website?

MADU SC is the legal entity owning website.


In which language MADU SC communicates with customers?

We communicate in English.


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How to make an order?

You can make an order in three ways:
- by mail at
- by phone call +48 71 716 41 44
- by inquiry form on our website




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