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MADU SC has been operating successfully on the IT market since 2002. For almost 15 years we have been designing, distributing, delivering and implementing advanced IT solutions. We have obtained the business partner status of many leading vendors such as HP, NetApp, Fujitsu, Intel and Check Point. Moreover, we offer innovative solutions of IBM, Lenovo, EATON, Brocade, Cisco and APC. 


MADU SC is not an ordinary trading company – it combines features of a distributor, broker, systems

integrator, reseller and advisor focused on highly specialized solutions. Our product portfolio is constantly broadened and adjusted to the current market requirements. 

MADU SC activities are based on the assumption that only having a great knowledge of what you sell makes the whole process effective and mutually beneficial. Currently MADU SC employs a team of highly qualified specialists, who have played a key role in the company's growth during past few years. 

Our mission is to maintain constant availability of server options, deliver advanced server and storage solutions and create the best environment for development of our customers. We design advanced IT architectures, delivering high-class hardware and improving functionality of the whole system. 

Our ambition is to support our customers through long-lasting cooperation through long-lasting cooperation, keeping in mind that nowadays investments in IT systems are crucial for almost every company. We do our best to help our customers make wise decisions, perfectly matched to the reality of their business environment. 





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